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Student Code of Conduct

8.0 Student Policies

Maryville University recognizes the student as an adult pursuing an education. Just as a student does not lose citizenship rights upon enrolling at a college, the student also does not become immune to society’s obligations and laws or to the responsibilities of daily living in a broader society. In general, the behavioral norms expected of the college student are those of common decency and decorum, recognition of and non-infringement upon the rights and property of others and of the college, honesty in academic work and all other activities, and observance of university, local, state, and federal laws. When students enter college, they take upon themselves certain responsibilities and obligations, including satisfactory academic performance and social behavior consistent with the lawful purposes of the college. Student conduct, therefore, is not considered in isolation within the college community but as an integral part of the education process. All students are expected to know and abide by this code of student conduct. Ignorance is no excuse.

Students, student organizations, and their respective guests are prohibited from violating University policies, including, but not limited to the Alcohol and Controlled Substances Policy, the Equal Opportunity in Educational Programs and Activities Policy, the Firearms Policy, the Information Technology and Network Account Policy, Academic Program Policies, and Residential Life Policies. The University creates and modifies policies on a regular basis. Students are responsible for knowing and behaving consistently with all University policies, including any modifications. Questions about University policies should be referred to the appropriate office(s).

Other Policies

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