Degree Offerings and Requirements

***The graduate program is in the process of achieving CAA Candidacy Status. Until the process is complete, no students will be enrolled.

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Anticipated Typical Graduate Course Sequence (pending CAA candidacy review)

Semester 1 (Fall) (12 hours minimum)

SPLP 510              Speech Sound Disorders (3)
SPLP 530              Assessment Issues in Communication Disorders (4)
SPLP 570              Acquired Disorders of Language and Cognition (3)
SPLP 760              Practicum 1–to be in the Campus Clinic (2)

Semester 2  (Spring) (12 hours minimum)

SPLP 520              Dysphagia (3)
SPLP 550              Language Disorders in Children (3)
SPLP 630              Voice Disorders (3)
SPLP 760              Practicum 2–to be in the Campus Clinic or in the Walker Scottish Rite Clinic (2)
SPLP Elective      May include formal course, readings or directed research (1-2)

Semester 3 (summer) (6 hours minimum)

SPLP 760              Practicum 3–may be on or off campus (2)
SPLP 590              Advanced Audiology (2)
SPLP Electives    May include formal courses, readings, directed research or exam prep (2)

Semester 4  (Fall) (12 hours minimum)

SPLP 600              Augmentative/Alternative Communication (3)
SPLP 610              Professional Issues in Communication Disorders (1)
SPLP 620              Research Methods and Evidenced Based Practice (3)
SPLP 640              Fluency Disorders (3)
SPLP 760              Practicum 4 may be on or off campus (2)

Semester 5 (Spring) (8 hours minimum)

SPLP      770 Adult/Geriatric 8 weeks (4)
SPLP      780 School/Pediatric 8 weeks (4)
Comprehensive exam

Graduate Courses and Descriptions

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