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Michael Kiener

Director of the Rehabilitition Counseling Program/Professor of Rehabilitation Counseling Michael Kiener
Phone: Work314.529.9443


  • BS in Health & Human Services University at Buffalo
  • MS Rehabilitation Counseling University at Buffalo
  • Ph.D. Counselor Education University at Buffalo

Courses Taught

Research Methods, Practicum, Internship, Counseling Theory, Career Development

Research Interests

Counseling Pedagogy and Action Research

When I’m Not Teaching

I enjoy woodworking and creating furniture.

Selected Publications

  • Kiener, M. S. (2012). The evolution of teaching and learning participant. Teaching and Learning Together in Higher Education. [Online] 5. Click here for publication.
  • Kiener, M. S., & Ahuna, K., H. (2011). Creativity as a disposition. In Blythe, H., & Sweet, C. (Eds.), It works for me creatively (p 111). Stillwater, OK: New Forums.
  • Kiener, M. S., & Weaver, C. (2011). Examining how cognitive and affective learning strategies change as students complete coursework. Transformative Dialogue: Teaching and Learning Journal. [Online] 5(1). Click here for publication.
  • Kiener, M. S. (2010).The not so obvious strategies to become a publishing research scholar. In Blythe, H., & Sweet, C. (Eds.), It works for me becoming a publishing scholar/researcher. Stillwater, OK: New Forums.
  • Kiener, M. S. (2010). Gray matter: Examining college teaching: A coaching perspective. Rehabilitation Education 24, 69-74.
  • Koch, L., Kiener, M. S., & Gitchel, D. (2009). Action Research in Rehabilitation Education: Curricular Applications. Rehabilitation Education 23, 205-214.2008b
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  • Kiener, M. S. (2009).Application of the scholarship of teaching and learning: The emergence of a deeper understanding of how students learn. Insight,4, 21-27.
  • Kiener, M. S & Koch, L. (2009). Action research in rehabilitation counseling. Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling, 40, 19-26.
  • Bertolino, B., Kiener, M., & Patterson, R. (2009). The therapist’s notebook on strengths and solution-based therapies homework, handouts, and activities. New York, NY: Routledge.
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