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Secondary Education MA/STI Schedule of Activities/Classes for 14-month Program (tentative)

Regular schedule* Activities/classes 2010-2011
First Monday in June 3 Classes begin mornings: Secondary School/Society, Adolescent Development*, Secondary Teaching Strategies June 1-4, 2010
2nd week June – 2nd week July (5 weeks) Parkway South High summer school mornings; classes afternoons June 7-July 9
Thursday of 2nd week July, 7-9 pm Evening HS student presentations July 8
3rd week of July 3 classes in mornings July 12-15
Wednesday of 3rd week of July Previous MASTI cohort presentations July 14
Friday 3rd week of July Last day summer classes July 17
Wednesday 2nd full week August Begin work with Parkway cooperating teachers August 11-13
3rd & 4th full week August Full time for first two weeks in HS classrooms August 17-27
4th week August Begin Reading class (W 3:40-6:15), mentoring teams class (Th or F TBA). August 26 – December 9
4th week August Begin every other day (red days) full day teaching at Parkway HS for 5 weeks August 30 – September 24
1st three weeks in September Begin weekly special workshops in afternoons on one (blue) day a week August 30
Last week in September City schools orientation workshops and visits September 27
1st week in October Begin practicum at Roosevelt HS M, W & F mornings for 8 weeks and related seminars TBA. October 4 – November 23
Thanksgiving End Roosevelt placement; 2-day holiday November 25
December Special workshops, seminars, observations, and portfolio preparation December 1-10
1st full week of January Spring semester begins; full time student teaching at Parkway January 4 – May 26, 2011
2nd week of January Begin research class (W 4:30-7) January 18
4th week of March Spring break; no teaching or classes March 18-25
First week in May Research class ends May 6
1st week of May Commencement ceremony May 7
3rd week of May Student teaching ends May 26
2nd week of June Summer classes begin: Exceptional child* (9-12 first 3 weeks); Capstone seminar (1-4:30 all 6 weeks); Capstone project (9-12 second 3 weeks). June 6-July 13
End of 3rd week of July Program concludes: certification! July 13, 2011

*These 2 classes may be taken prior to beginnning the program. Schedules are subject to change due to unpredictable circumstances. 

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