Master of Arts in Education/Secondary Teaching and Inquiry/Certification

Post-baccalaureate initial certification in secondary English, history, mathematics, social studies, or science (biology, chemistry, physics, unified science)

Maryville’s hands-on master’s in secondary teaching and inquiry program immerses you in secondary school settings with partner schools in the St. Louis metropolitan area. You will learn to teach in an intensive and supportive environment that fully prepares you for your own classroom. In fact, a recent study found that our education graduates continue to teach significantly longer than the national average.

The Master of Arts in Education/Secondary Teaching and Inquiry is designed to prepare beginning secondary teachers who have earned a baccalaureate degree in the intended certification field. This intensive fourteen-month full-time day program prepares students to earn a Master of Arts with teaching certification. This program features opportunities for candidates to immerse themselves in outstanding secondary settings while working with university faculty and practitioners. Rather than learning methods in isolation, a mentoring team of faculty in a specific content area (one from the School of Education, one from the content area, and a secondary teacher from the specific content area) work with the candidates throughout the year to ensure that they are current with national expectations, re-engaged in their content area, and grounded in the schools.

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Program Features

Recognized for Excellence
When you earn your MA in Education from Maryville, you’ll have opportunities for excellence on every level. Our program is nationally accredited and recognized throughout the region for being a leader in teacher education. You’ll work with outstanding faculty members and exemplary professionals in the field. You’ll enjoy small classes, innovative approaches and plenty of opportunities for professional growth. With a strong foundation of theory tied to practical application, you’ll be on your way to becoming a highly respected teacher in your field.

Unique Mentoring Team and Cohort Approach
During this 14 month full-time day program, you’ll work with a team of educators – one faculty member each from the School of Education, the College of Arts and Sciences and a local high school. Your mentoring triad will work constantly with you to ensure that you are up-to-date with national expectations, engaged in your content area, and grounded in the schools at which you’re interning. These dedicated experienced professionals will mentor you, help you set goals and prepare you for a career in education. Our program is organized around a cohort plan: cohorts, or student groups, usually consist of 12 to 18 students who advance through their classes and school placements together. This builds camaraderie among your peers, provides another educational resource and helps you recognize your own strengths.

Year-Round Preparation in Schools
Rather than learning methods in the isolation of a college classroom, you’ll have in-field experiences at different schools throughout the program. The program coincides with the public school calendar, so you get to experience every aspect of the academic year, from summer school to initial planning to the students’ final exam week. During your second summer, you will work with your mentors to consolidate what you’ve have learned, build or clean up your portfolio, and take the final preparatory steps for your first year of teaching.

Instead of Teach for America…
MASTI supports you throughout a year of involvement in classrooms, places you in both urban and suburban St. Louis partner schools, mentors you to be successful with a wide diversity of learners, and provides a masters and full certification. Well-established relationships with “partner” high schools allow you to work under the close supervision of Maryville professors and your cooperating teachers, allowing you to develop confidence and practice new skills and methods in a supportive environment.  All in 14 months – without throwing you into a classroom unprepared!

Professional/Career Opportunities

Once you’ve earned your masters degree, you’ll be ready to land a teaching position in high schools in the St. Louis metropolitan area and in many other states. The extensive field experiences you will have had prepare you to teach your subject well and to work with students from diverse backgrounds.  Because of the faculty’s extensive connections with the K-12 schools, Maryville students receive excellent opportunities for employment.  Maryville graduates are highly sought after by area school districts both at the bachelors and masters levels.

Degree Offerings and Requirements

(Secondary Teacher Certificate in English, Social Studies, Mathematics, or the Sciences)

To see the content requirements in your particular discipline, please review the appropriate Degree Planning Sheet (under Graduate & Doctoral Programs – Master of Arts in Education Secondary Education and Inquiry).

Admission Requirements

For admission to the master’s program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Submit official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work. You must have maintained at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA from your undergraduate studies; below 3.0 may apply for provisional acceptance.
  • Complete an application for admission to the program (online).
  • Transcript evaluation required to determine if you have completed all content area requirements for Missouri certification.
  • Submit three letters of recommendation from qualified professionals.
  • Submit the application essay to demonstrate that you have the necessary competencies for the program.
  • Complete an essay on-campus.
  • Complete an interview with the mentoring triad faculty.
  • International students must submit appropriate TOEFL scores
  • Attain a passing score on the appropriate Praxis II content knowledge assessment (see test information on DESE website)

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