Annual Teacher Education Program Requirements

In order to spend the extraordinary amount of time in schools required by Maryville’s programs, you will need to have a background check and TB test every year. For full admission requirements see the School of Education section of the catalog.

Background Screenings

The safety of children is very important and all Maryville University teacher education candidates must complete a background screening prior to entering the classroom.  Register now with the state of Missouri’s Family Care and Safety Registry (FCSR).  All it takes is a few minutes on-line and a one time fee of $11.00.  Once you are registered – you are good to go for the remainder of your program.

All SOE students will now register with the Family Care Safety Registry with the state of Missouri for their annual background checks.  Students need to log-on to:  https://webapp01.dhss.mo.gov/bsees/WelcomeToRegistrationInformation.aspx?ID=9&TEXT=FLUSH&mainMenuFlush=Y&sk=SK1174230343  and enter the required information electronically.  The cost of $11.00 can be paid for on-line with a credit card (Visa or MasterCard)   If you prefer to submit a paper application and pay by check you should follow the directions on the web site.

The brief on-line application will ask for you name, social security number and date of birth.  You should receive a copy of your results within a week.  In some cases the FCSR will require additional information – just follow the agency’s directives.

All students planning to enroll in a practicum need to deliver a copy of their results to Gander 243.  You could also fax your copy to the SOE at (314) 529-9921. This is a one-time registration.  Future requests for background checks for other practicum assignments from this source will be provided to us at no additional cost to you.

Note:  Some students may already be registered with the site.  The FCSR will not take their information on-line and will give them a message that tells them they are registered.  If this is the case – we need to know so we can print a copy of their background check here in the SOE.  Contact Penny and let her know if you have received this message at the time of registration.

TB Testing

Good health is imperative for all in the school environment.  All teacher candidates are required to have an annual TB Test.  You can have this done by your personal physician or contact Nurse Pam in Health Services to have the test done at no charge.  It is your responsibility to make sure a hard copy of your result is on file with the School of Education at the beginning of each fall semester.  Deliver a copy of your TB result to Gander 243.

For more information on Health Services and Nurse Pam, go to the Health & Wellness webpage.


The Missouri Educator Profile (http://www.mo.nesinc.com/TestView.aspx?f=HTML_FRAG/MO006_TestPage.html) is required of all students enrolled in teacher preparation programs in the state of Missouri.  The initial results will provide the student and adviser with information about how the student’s work styles match the work styles of successful teachers.  The results also suggest ways in which students can improve their work styles.  This is an important step in helping students choose whether or not professional education is the right career choice.

Students take this assessment twice: once at the beginning of their first professional block of education classes and then prior to student teaching.  See the Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments website (http://www.mo.nesinc.com/TestView.aspx?f=HTML_FRAG/MO006_TestPage.html) for more information, cost and registration.  Maryville education students must take the MEP in order to be formally admitted to the School of Education.


The Missouri General Education Assessment (http://www.mo.nesinc.com/TestView.aspx?f=HTML_FRAG/MO001_TestPage.html ) is a test of basic skills required of all undergraduate teacher education students in Missouri.  The MoGEA ensures teacher education students have the requisite college-level knowledge expected of all teachers in the areas of English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Writing. The MoGEA is offered at specified testing centers throughout Missouri.  Check the Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments website (http://www.mo.nesinc.com/TestView.aspx?f=HTML_FRAG/MO001_TestPage.html ) for more information, cost, locations and to register for the exam.  Maryville undergraduate teacher education students will need to take and pass all 5 subtests to be formally admitted to the School of Education and certified by the state.

For more information regarding Missouri educator license requirements, visit the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website (http://dese.mo.gov/eq/ep/).