Job Search for Teachers

What services are available to me regarding my job search?

Teacher Career Day is held every spring.  Lynn Willits, Director of Career Education here at Maryville plans, coordinates and organizes Teacher Career Day for our grads and recent alumni.  Watch your email for information regarding key dates and deadlines.  Lynn will assist you with your resume and any other questions you may have regarding your job search.  You can reach Lynn at lwillits@maryville.edu or (314) 529-9375 or go to the Career Education webpage.

What is MOREAP?

Missouri REAP is a free web based service designed to help educators find new and exciting teaching jobs, administrative jobs and other related service positions in Missouri.  Through REAP, you can also find employment from 850 school districts and private schools nationwide.

Should I sign up for MOREAP?

YES!  As an active applicant you only need to complete one application/job profile.  You can search job openings and apply on-line for teaching positions in all participating school districts.  Many of our area school districts are posting their openings on MOREAP.  The website is designed to efficiently search and find qualified applicants for school districts.  If you aren’t in the data base – you can’t be found!  Go to http://www.moreap.net/index.php to learn more about MOREAP and get your application started.  Once you are a member you can stay in touch with job possibilities through their “Employment Center” on the Internet.

If I have other questions not listed here who can help me?

For academic questions or concerns contact your advisor.  For questions regarding your clinical experiences contact Holly Stanwich at 314.529.9542.