Dr. Mary Ellen Finch Center for Teaching and Learning

The Dr. Mary Ellen Finch Center for Teaching and Learning at Maryville University serves as a campus location for conversation and study focusing on teaching and learning and the integration of liberal and professional studies.  The Center provides support for excellence in teaching and assessment of learning, encourages intellectual dialog about the teaching/learning process, encourages research and other scholarly activities and provides mentoring support for faculty. The Center works closely with the Faculty Professional Development Committee to develop and implement campus-based professional development meaningful to faculty independent of their academic area.

Center Goals

  • Contribute to the University’s intellectual community by fostering opportunities for the sharing of teaching expertise and the wisdom of practice.
  • Promote interdisciplinary connections and scholarly exchange among faculty
  • Provide support for the study of teaching as a scholarly activity
  • Support (and write) grants which promote opportunities for faculty to learn more about their content and content-based strategies.
  • Provide, upon request, mentoring support for faculty, both full-time and part-time
  • Provide support for faculty research activities
  • Provide confidential consulting on the teaching/learning process.
  • Develop and support initiatives which value outstanding teaching and learning including, when appropriate, working with other colleges and universities in the St. Louis area.

Center Services

  • In-class observations
  • Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID)
  • Consultation regarding teaching
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Book Groups
  • Summer Scholarships
  • Action Research
  • Conference
  • Technology Training
  • Assessement Techniques
  • Advising Seminars