Center for Civic Engagement and Democracy

The Center for Civic Engagement and Democracy involves the Maryville community in academic programs and activities that promote the understanding that all democratic citizens must be actively engaged in their local, national and global communities.

Through civically-engaged teaching, service, scholarship and democracy programs, the Center leads Maryville’s efforts to address issues of public concern. The Center manages a variety of projects across four broad academic program areas that are focused on promoting active civic engagement and democracy in the US and around the globe. The four program areas are:

  • Engaged Teaching: Fostering the development and delivery of service-learning and problem-based learning classes and activities.
  • Engaged Service: Facilitating and supporting public policy service efforts.
  • Engaged Scholarship: Encouraging and conducting public policy-focused and action-based research.
  • Engaged Democracy: Directing citizenship education projects to promote active democratic citizenship.

To learn about events, the center and how you can get involved, check out our blog: Center for Civic Engagement and Democracy.