Maryville’s renowned management program provides comprehensive leadership education, giving you maximum flexibility in the area of management that interests you most. We help you unleash an unlimited amount of career options. All management courses emphasize the careful integration of theory and application and help develop your communication, team-building and critical problem-solving skills.

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About the Management and Leadership Program

In addition to the general business core, you will complete three specific upper-division management courses, chosen from the¬†areas of human resource management, executive management, legal or contemporary issues, or a general overview of the management field. Don’t worry, though – you’ll receive sound advice and guidance along the way. Your professors and faculty advisers will proactively structure a program that focuses on the skill sets necessary for your success.

Program Features

Student Involvement
As a student in the School of Business, we strongly encourage you to join the Maryville Business Organization (MBO) and the Regional Business Council Mentoring Program. These groups, along with the strong ties our faculty members have to local professionals, provide avenues for you to develop contacts and learn about issues that affect local businesses.

Program Events

  • Advisory board meetings and networking events
  • Maryville Talks Business
  • “No Free Lunch” (NFL) meetings with recent graduates

During your studies at Maryville, we encourage you to gain work experience that counts toward your major through internships or cooperative education programs.

Early Access to the MBA Program
The Early Access program lets you accelerate your progress toward an M.B.A. Senior year, qualified students can take up to 12 credit hours at the graduate level, which count toward both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree.

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Professional/Career Opportunities

Careers in Management
Because of the breadth of practical applications for management skills, there is a vast array of career paths you can follow once you’ve earned your degree.

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