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Top tier marketing agencies, Web design firms, consulting companies, pretty much any organization that employs Web specialists are scooping up graduates with internet marketing experience as fast as they can. Graduates of Maryville’s Internet Marketing program are in demand to help businesses of all sizes communicate with global audiences, automate sales, rapidly adjust prices, promote services through e-mail, and give info-hungry consumers the resources they want to make educated purchasing decisions.

The business core of our Internet Marketing program creates a common vocabulary for students across all business majors. Through this shared experience, you’ll be able to effectively communicate your ideas and the rationale behind them to accountants, legal regulators and management people with whom you’ll work daily in a professional setting.

Program Goals

Program Goals for the Maryville Internet Marketing Major
A graduate of Maryville University with a major in internet marketing should be able to:

  1. Design and construct effective and efficient web sites for a variety of technical platforms and alternative user segments.
  2. Appraise (i.e. costs, benefits, and ROI) marketing productivity initiatives that can be fulfilled by effective web-based business models.
  3. Design data capture methods for database marketing systems and understand how data mining and modeling methodologies can be used to target specific consumer behaviors.
  4. Understand how web sites can be integrated with other internal and external (i.e. Amazon, Google, etc.) organizational information systems.
  5. Appraise organic versus paid approaches to obtaining high rankings with a variety of search engines (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)
  6. Construct effective marketing research investigations using web analytics, testing, dashboards, and social media customer acquisition metrics.
  7. Formulate digital marketing communications to promote customer relationships, enhance brand image, and manage press releases.
  8. Appraise and construct the applications of social media campaigns to enhance brand image and reputation.
  9. Understand the emerging body of law (i.e. cyber law) as it applies to business activities and transactions on the Internet

Program Features

Student Involvement
As a student in the School of Business, we strongly encourage you to join the Maryville Business Organization (MBO). This group, along with the strong ties our faculty members have with local professionals, provide avenues for you to develop professional contacts and learn about issues that affect local businesses.

The St. Louis region also has a wealth of advertising and marketing organizations which regularly host valuable networking and professional development events. To name a few:

Although an internship is not required for the internet marketing major, we encourage you to take advantage when opportunities arise with web design or maintenance companies. Internships provide invaluable, practical experience that you just can’t get in the classroom. Plus, you’ll meet contacts who can help you procure a full-time position after you graduate.

You can take an internship during your junior or senior year. Depending on how many hours you work, you can earn two to six credit hours.

Maryville’s location enhances your internship opportunities. Hundreds of employers in West County need interns, and often hire the very best upon graduation. Plus, you will likely find yourself in classes with both traditional day students and working professionals. A diverse student population helps you meet all kinds of people, many of whom can offer personal insight into the professional world.

Professional/Career Opportunities

They Want You!
The job market is very strong for graduates who are skilled in both marketing and information technology. Employers seek talented young professionals who can create Web-based systems that give the company a competitive advantage.

A career in internet marketing allows you to be flexible and choose your on niche. Design creative and innovative Web sites that attract the interest of Internet users. Analyze and research keywords, navigation, and online behavior. Devise marketing strategies that improve sales, reduce marketing costs and generate international business. As technology evolves and consumer interests change, there will continue to be plenty of jobs in internet marketing.

Businesses at which you might work include, retailers,  manufacturers, health care facilities, education and not-for-profit organizations, Web-based businesses, design houses, internet consultanting firms and software programming companies.

A Success Story
We’re proud to say that many of our graduates are currently working for leading regional and national companies including Anheuser Busch, Outrider, Rawlings Sporting Goods, and many advertising agencies.

One Maryville student interned with Scottrade, a J.D. Power winner for Web services, and was hired right after graduation. A year later, he transferred to California to take a new and better position. Recently, he was hired into internet business management and is now earning a six-figure salary - just three years after graduating!

Degree Offerings and Requirements

Admission Requirements

If you’re interested in joining our internet marketing program, you only need to meet the general admissions requirements for the university.

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