International Business

Many organizations need to increase the scope of their international business operations in order to grow and compete in the global economy. This creates an increased need for employees with cross-cultural management skills, multilingual communication, and the ability to successfully manage short and long-term overseas assignments. Individuals with the ability to develop culturally sensitive strategies and creative business structures that lead to successful global marketing will be rewarded with a senior management position early in their career.

Program Goals

A graduate of Maryville University with a major in international business should be able to:

  1. Understand the forces behind the globalization of international business.
  2. Integrate business core courses in management, marketing, accounting, economics, logistics, and finance as this knowledge can be applied to international organizations.
  3. Understand the need for effective human resource management and the clear communication of corporate goals and policies.
  4.  Be competent in at least one foreign language in addition to English.
  5.  Formulate a marketing plan for a specific country that determines appropriate adaptations to products and services for that target market.
  6. Appraise cultural differences based on course knowledge and a study abroad experience.
  7. Evaluate and discuss international business strategy using cultural competencies derived from both liberal arts and business courses.
  8. Compare and contrast alternative international supply chains involving the transfer of products, raw materials, capital, human resources, and use of the Internet in cross-border transactions.
  9. Understand and apply key legal and ethical principles that relate to international business.

Program Features

Student Involvement
As a student in the School of Business, we strongly encourage you to join the Maryville Business Organization (MBO). This group, along with faculty ties to local professional organizations, provides networking and professional contacts with managers in local businesses.

The St. Louis region and the United States have a wealth of international businesses and organizations that regularly host valuable networking and professional development events.

Study Abroad
A study abroad (3 to 16 weeks) experience is required and three or more credits must be completed as part of the major. Maryville’s Center for Global Education will be proactive in arranging for study abroad, integration of on-campus international experiences, and the organizing of international internships.

An international internship is not required, but students are encouraged to seek internships that provide exposure to an international business environment both within and outside the United States. Internships provide valuable practical experience that enhances your classroom experience, and this will help you secure a full-time position upon graduation.

Internships can be taken during your junior or senior year, and credit (1 to 5 hours) can be gained for internship or cooperative education experiences.

Maryville’s premier location (close to many headquarters – Edward Jones, Energizer, Monsanto, Novus International, Rawlings) in the heart of West County enhances your opportunities of finding a meaningful international internship.

Professional/Career Opportunities

They Want You!

The job market remains strong for mobile graduates skilled in the specific disciplines of marketing, accounting, information technology, and supply-chain management for international business assignments.

A career in international business has many possible dimensions. Individuals working within the United States have employment opportunities in export/import programs, international customer relations, integration of international business systems, human resources, supply chain management, currency management, and appraisal of future international acquisitions/disposals. Alternatively, many companies require individuals with language and cultural skills that can complete international assignments in sales, operations management, product development, research, audit, and many other functions.

Businesses at which you might find employment include manufacturing, retailing, agriculture, fast moving consumer goods, financial services, tourism, and non-U.S. multinational companies (e.g. BMW, Sony, Nestlé).

Degree Offerings and Requirements

Admission Requirements

If you are interested in joining our international business program, you only need to meet the general admissions requirements for the university.

International Business Degree Planning Sheet

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