Legal Studies Internships

Graduates of Maryville University’s Legal Studies Program are required to complete at least three credit hours of internship. This is an excellent way to make connections in the legal field and secure job placement upon graduation. Forty hours of internship work are required for each credit hour earned. You may take an internship for up to twelve credit hours. A traditional class accompanies this course. It does not meet every week but is required. Classroom work focuses on interviewing skills, job communication skills, writing skills, networking and job search skills. Most internships are not paid. If you are working in the legal field, you may be able to utilize your own job for your internship. Contact the program director for details.

ThanksĀ to the generous support of the St. Louis area legal community we are able to place all of our students in internships. In addition to the great real world experience they gain some of them receive permanent job offers at the end of their internship. An internship of 3-12 credit hours is required for graduation with a Bachelor’s in Legal Studies from Maryville University. For each credit hour, 40 hours of internship work are required. Students typically complete their internships in their last semester. You are not required to find your own internship. We will place you in an internship and may work with your current employer if you so desire. Internships are typically not paid. You are required to submit a weekly journal, paper on your internship, timesheets and portfolio of your work. Class attendance at various time throughout the semester is required. As an intern. you are also required to evaluate the quality of your internship. An evaluation will also be completed by your employer at the end of your internship and a grade issued.