Program Features


Maryville graduates take this learning to both private and public sector professions and arenas that address a wide variety of international issues and global challenges. Students are trained for success in a variety of fields depending on their chosen concentrations:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Journalism
  • Law & Government
  • Diplomacy
  • Activism
  • Public Relations
  • Museum Studies
  • Graduate School

Why go to Maryville for International Studies?

The International Studies major at Maryville enjoys a level of depth and rigor that places it in good company with programs at other national universities such as Yale, University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins, Elon, Drake, and Creighton.

  • Broader and more comprehensive: Covers international and comparative politics, history, literature, religion, and art.
  • More application-focused: Multi-disciplinary instead of focusing on a single field like most other schools do.
  • Small classes, no TAs: Close, individualized interaction with the professors that focuses on your interests and allows you to succeed.

About the International Studies Program

Highlights of the Major

  • Minimum of 39 credits (excluding language)
  • Required core of 5 courses in politics and geography, religion, history, literature, and art (15 credits)
  • 7 courses in a concentration (21 credits)
  • Research-based capstone course (3 credits)
  • Foreign language (Intermediate II level with C- or better, or proficiency exam)
  • Study-abroad experience (minimum of 3 credits – part of the concentration)
  • Minor of 15 -21 credits is required


  • International Relations
  • Comparative Culture Studies
  • European Studies
  • British Studies
  • Global Art and Architecture

Study Abroad
You may take full advantage of our consortium agreement with other schools, partaking in exchange and internship opportunities available for international studies majors. You can spend a summer, semester, or full year abroad, and use the experience to satisfy your language study as well.

For more information, explore our Study Abroad opportunities.

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