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Environmental Science

Environmental Science

Concern about our natural resources and the general state of our planet is at an all-time high. The earth is ever changing, but to what extent are we responsible for those changes? And what, if anything, can we do to preserve the well-being of our world for future generations?

About the Environmental Science Program

With a degree focused on Environmental Science, you will gain a better understanding of the interactions between living things and the physical environment. You will study biochemical cycles and how they affect global change.

Ever wonder about the impact of human societies on the earth? We’ll show you the links between human choices and environmental effects. In the end, we hope you learn to appreciate the need for environmental ethics and to embrace a philosophy of sustainability relative to natural resources.

Program Features

The Environmental Science program is designed to provide you with a broad knowledge base about the interactions between people and our environment.

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Career Opportunities

Job fields range from soil and water conservation and environmental consulting to waste water management, wildlife ecology and environmental agencies. Positions within these fields include agricultural scientists, conservation scientists, ecologists, environmental attorneys, environmental health and safety inspectors, foresters, hydrologists, regional planners, urban planners and wildlife biologists.
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