Professional/Career Opportunities

A Wealth of Possibilities

Maryville’s Biochemistry program serves as a prelude to professional academic programs and careers in general or specialized fields such as research, veterinary care, dietetics, forensics, health professions and pharmacology.

Why St. Louis?

Launching such a program in St. Louis is strategic. International corporations like Monsanto, Mallinckrodt, Sigma-Aldrich and now the Pfizer St. Louis Laboratories, to name a few, have called St. Louis home for a long time. We have a blossoming plant and life sciences community, which includes world-class research institutions, established plant and medical sciences companies, a fertile technology transfer, incubator and start-up environment and a deepening pool of resources.

The St. Louis-centered BioBelt is made up of companies who develop and produce medicines, manufacture medical equipment and agricultural and organic chemicals and conduct research and development. More than 15,000 people are employed by the region’s 400 plant and life science enterprises, many of whom are biochemists.

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