Program Features

Choose Your Own Adventure
When you major in English at Maryville University, you will develop skills in the analysis, discus­sion and criticism of literature. Every student builds a solid foundation with the two-semester Survey of English Literature course and a capstone in History of Literary Criticism or Seminar in Language Study. How the rest of your program is tailored is entirely up to you.

Students with a passion for writing take the Creative Writing course and the Advanced Writing Workshop. Others choose from a variety of literature courses, such as Fairy Tales in Literature and Film or Contemporary American Fiction and Nonfiction.

The Student Becomes the Teacher
Many English majors plan to become an educator. Students can apply during their junior year for admission to the Elementary Education 3/2 Bridge Program, which leads to a master’s in education. If you are interested in teaching secondary education – grades 9-12 – you must complete specific requirements in English, including a professional certification.

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