Interactive Design

Interactive Design is a specialized application of Graphic Design which emphasizes visual problem solving through emerging media and technologies. Our program primarily focuses on the areas of Web Design, Motion Graphics, UI and UX Design, Mobile Application Design, and Digital Storytelling.

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About the Interactive Design Program

With its solid foundation in formal design theory and history, industry targeted multifaceted curriculum, and access to exciting technologies, Maryville’s Interactive Design B.F.A. program is distinct and well suited for students interested in art, animation, design, creativity, film, music, or games. Students learn and create within a passionate, tight knit community that includes professors with leading expertise, industry experience, and a deep investment in their students’ success.

Program Features

  • Opportunity to develop in-demand technical and creative problem solving skills.
  • Access to exciting areas of study such as: Motion Graphics, Mobile Interface Design, and Digital Storytelling.
  • Instruction in popular mediums such as HTML5 and AfterEffects.
  • Professors with leading expertise and industry experience.
  • Passionate and creative community of students.
  • Emphasizes visual problem solving through emerging media and technologies.
  • Solid foundation in graphic design and visual communication.

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Career Opportunities

Because of their facility in designing for emerging forms of communication, passion for creating with the technologies that drive the discipline, and ability to solve problems through creativity and intellectual curiosity, Interactive Design graduates are sought after young professionals. Interactive Designers are employed in all design, advertising, and marketing related industries, as well as work in specialized areas such as filmmaking, gaming, information design, and eLearning. Professionals with this in demand set of skills holds a variety of titles such as: Web Designer, Interactive Designer, Motion Graphics Designer, Interface Designer, Digital Strategist, and many more.

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