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Computers and technology, as much as they improve the learning environment, can be troublesome. We are here to help, offering a number of resources, including workshops and one-on-one training for faculty and students to help you with your teaching and learning technology issues and questions. Learning Design and Technology offers instructional design, instructional technology support, technology training, support for the Desire2Learn course management system (http://learn.maryville.edu), management of and support for online course evaluations, the wiki platform, electronic portfolios, student response systems and a variety of other specialized tools and software.


  • 30-unit laptop cart (MacBook Pro). Use this form to see details and check them out for class use.
  • 10 iPads (Version 1) for class use. Check them out with this form.
  • 2 Samsung document cameras. Email learn@maryville.edu to inquire about use and availability.
  • Qualtrics survey engine- sitewide license. Inquire about setting up your personal Maryville account.


Academic Technology offers regular training on the Desire2Learn course management system, among other things. The schedule and sign-up form is available via the LINKS section of our blog.


  • Faculty Support, contact Sam Harris, Instructional Technology Specialist at 314-529-9316; sharris@maryville.edu.
  • Course Evaluations, contact Kim Knoernschild, Assessment and Data Integrity Coordinator at 314-529-6521; kknoernschild@maryville.edu.

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