Physical Therapists Expanding Their Scope

October 5, 2007

ST. LOUIS — Long thought of as solely treating patients recovering from illness or injury, physical therapists across the United States and their governing body, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), are placing a greater emphasis on health and wellness. Maryville University’s Physical Therapy program has recognized this trend and is including in its course […]

Music Therapy Feted For Involvement

October 1, 2007

ST. LOUIS — Maryville University’s Music Therapy program has received a professional service award from the Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments, in appreciation for the program’s “commitment and support to the children and families served” by the Center. The award was received by Cynthia Briggs, Psy.D., director of Maryville’s music therapy program, […]

I. D. Program Part of Fashion Runway

October 1, 2007

ST. LOUIS — Maryville University senior Interior Design major Lauren Elliott will have the opportunity to be a “role model” on Thursday, Oct. 4, when she takes the stage during IIDA Fashion Runway, a fashion show sponsored by the St. Louis chapter of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA). Elliott of St. Charles will be […]

Professor Participating In Pacific Exchange

October 1, 2007

ST. LOUIS — Barbara Parker, director of the rehabilitation counseling and rehabilitation services programs at Maryville University, knew that obtaining her doctorate in higher education leadership would be a long, grueling process that would pay off in the end. What she never anticipated, however, are the dividends she has received from her doctoral program so […]

Former U.S. Presidential candidate opened Maryville’s speakers series

September 26, 2007

ST. LOUIS, MO. (2007-09-25) Steve Forbes will be in St. Louis tonight (Tuesday) as part of Maryville University’s St. Louis Speakers Series. He’s editor-in-chief of Forbes magazine and also serves as an adviser and co-chair for Rudy Giuliani’s presidential campaign. Forbes, himself, used his own millions to pay for his own runs for president in […]

Success continues with published book

September 21, 2007

Biology perhaps would not be the college major of choice for many aspiring authors but it has served Stacey Lynn Schlegl quite well. Schlegl earned a degree in biology from Maryville University in 1996. She says skills learned from her Maryville science professors come in handy in her career as a book author. “Science is […]

Cutting-edge course brings technology in focus

September 21, 2007

New this fall at Maryville University is a specialized course in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), taught by Todd Brenningmeyer, Ph.D., assistant professor of art history at Maryville. According to Brenningmeyer, the introductory course deals with the theory and application of GIS with a primary focus on historical and archeological sites, incorporating a lab component employing […]

Alumni Artwork Approaching

September 18, 2007

ST. LOUIS — A face is the usual place where one would wear a mask. Not so, however, in the world of metalsmith and Maryville University graduate Maribeth Meyer, who creates metal necklaces featuring masks as pendants. Meyer will be among the Maryville graduates showing their work in the University’s annual Alumni Art Exhibit, which […]

Gaining On Sustaining

September 17, 2007

ST. LOUIS — Environmental sustainability is claiming center stage at Maryville University with students, faculty and staff all making palpable progress towards a greener campus. The Maryville University Sustainability Taskforce worked with Physical Plant to secure a contract for campus-wide co-mingled recycling that will start in October. Co-mingled recycling will allow for aluminum, glass, cardboard, […]

Student Starting Small, Thinking Globally

September 13, 2007

ST. LOUIS — Idealism is alive and well in our world, as demonstrated by Meagan O’Connor, a Maryville University sophomore who recently started the campus organization Maryville University Good Samaritans (MUGS). As yet immune to cynicism, O’Connor jubilantly declares, “watch out, because I’m going to take over the world and then save it.” MUGS made […]